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Hi, Tony. Recently I was watching Praise the Lord of TBN and saw you smiling, singing, and worshiping. I got goose bumps, Tony. So glad to see you are living your dream. I hope you remember me from Rockford First Assembly and the Poland trip. Take care. Carole
I watched you on TBN Praise the Lord tonight from Namibia and greatly appreciated your song 'He is' from Genesis through Revelations. God bless you!
Thanks so much for your ministry on TBN tonight. Got in from work, long day, but was so revived by your ministry and the programme for the night. Can feel your passion when you sing! God Bless you!!
Dear Tony: It was so nice to hear your music and you sing last night at Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale and meet you afterwards. I am listening to your CD now and enjoying it very much. I also see you have Joseph Prince as a friend. I enjoy his teaching and respect him very much. May GOD the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost bless you, pour out Their favor upon you, give you wisdom, more creativity and beautiful music that is anointed and blesses people in Jesus' Name. SHALOM.
Hi! You have such a beautiful voice. It was a blessing to hear you sing at my church, Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, Ca. on Sunday July 15, 2012. I purchased both of your cd's and I love them. I am a fan of The Katina's and noticed you have worked with them in your music. Truly a blessing! I hope to hear you sing live again in the future. May God bless you and may He continue His work in you. ~~Kristina
Hi Tony! Your voice is truly a Blessed gift. I was in attendance at Jubliee with my sisters yesterday. I see Gods work in you, and clearly feel it in my heart. & Spirit. God Bless You!!!
Heard you last week ,June 3,2012 at Faith Assembly of God in Roaring Spring, Pa, Thoroughly enjoyed your music. It touches the soul and comes from the heart.It makes you feel like giving it all to God. God Bless You!!!
Singing with you as kids with He's still working on Me to hearing you today, it's amazing and wonderful to know that He is still working on us. The anointing that overflows when you sing brings people to the mercy seat and that's what it's all about. Hearing comments of "you have a great voice! I love to hear you sing" is wonderful and yes rewarding. To hear "when you begin to sing, I found myself at the mercy seat" is when you know God is definitely working through me. Blessings to you always!
Happy Easter Tony, God Bless. I am a new fan. Dios Te Bendiga
Hi Tony, We are so blessed to have you as leader of our music ministries. Lisa, Mario and Matthew Garza , members of BRCC and also BRCS...... Godspeed!
Tuve la oportunidad de escucharte en la iglesia Vida Community, Dios te ha dado mucho talento y tu mensaje nos llego a muchos. Sigue a~nadiendo de esa forma al reino de Dios... DTB
Proud of you bro... Besitos...
Tony I have to admit I didn`t know who you were unto My frind and I went to see Briit Nicole and natalie Grant in Boca.You are a total blessing .the song letting go just reminds me to remember who I am in Christ and to give all to him.the whole Cd just bring into the presents of God.I thank God for you and the songs you singI so enjoy your love for Jesus and pasion for Him.Because females it easier to show our feeing so when I see men praising God and truely worshipping Him it`s just so refreshing. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord
Tony, I'm very happy and proud of you. Sigue adelante en los pasos de Dios. Dios te continue bendiciendo. Orare por tu ministerio.
Tony! I can only smile while looking at your website and seeing how you have been blessed and how you are blessing others! You look fantastic! Congratulations I wish you continued success. I remember our days at The Naval Base with Arlene Garland. I wish you the best always. Tondie
Hola Mi Hermano Tony, I just purchased your CD from CDbaby and I am truly blessed to be listen to such a voice of conviction and depth. You sing from such a pure place and I just want to say thank you for using your talents for our father's glory. Congrats on your very deserved win on gospel dream 2009, and I look forward to your new project. All the best, Donald Tedder from Yonkers, New york
Thank you all for your encouraging words! @Jamie @Calen @Vero @Alex @Maria @Omayra @Nic and Tamar @Betty....Very much Appreciate your message @Kathleen Thank You! Tony
God spoke to me today through you Tony! Thank you. I was sitting at chick-fil-A and I was thinking what a great place so clean cheery and great coffee too! Then one of the servers starts putting fresh cut roses on the table.At a fast food resturant? WOW! it was at this time I was reading about you and your music in the Good news that I had picked up on the way in. Thank you and many continued blessings to you.
Tony - I appreciate you and your lovely music every Sunday in church. I am 76 yrs. old and you are the best. God bless
Weird the way I stumbled upon you. I was in the Christian Bookstore on Federal Hwy in Boca Raton, picked up the Good News paper and was drawn to your story and looked up your link. You have a beautiful, sweet voice. God Bless you now and forever.
me bendices mucho con tus canciones eres un salmista de Dios que dios te bendiga
My congratulations, Tony!!!! You are very talented!!! God bless!!!
Tony u're such a good artist! I showed my friends a few videos of you on youtube and ur entrevista en espanol, (which was awesome u even have the puerto rican accent, that I didnt hear it b4) they couldnt believe I met u in in person =) you're famous now! You're great, I love the passion u have and how you pass it on the messages of your songs. I can say that istening your music I get closer to God, he's using u to touch many people's hearts, keep doing what your doing cause its just great. I wish i could still be around, but I hope I see u soon. Best wishes, Vero R
i cant believe i won an autographed CD!!!!! haha
Tony, I saw you on Gospel dream for the first time and said i have to find out if he has a cd out or not. I found you this morning on Rhapsody. I will be adding your debut cd and any future cds to my mp3 player. You are awesome and i will pray that you will be used by god. I love the song renew me because we all need to be renewed with god sometimes due to struggles we go through. Please keep in touch if yuou can. jamie
Thanks everyone for your comments! Very Encouraging! Tony
Hey Tony. Man, you are awesome & very talented! I knew from the very start that you were gonna win Gospel Dream '09! ;)
Well Done.
May God make His face to shine upon you always. Lead the multitudes to Jesus through the gift you have been given. Strong in Him.
love your voice and that fact that you add some spanish in your music
Sounds great Tony!
GOD is really good just the beginning of a great story...
Hey! It was great to see the videos of you singing and winning on here. It will be exciting to see how God will continue to use you in the future. The sad part is that it will probably take you away from us sooner than we'd like :( Oh, well, at least we got to have you for awhile. God sure has blessed us with some great worship leaders. Thanks for being here with us for now.
Your song on itunes is up lifting thankyou
Let It GO!!! Oh my God I thank Him for you young man!
Just wanted 2 say u have really inspired me. I've been doing worship all my life and translating english worship to spanish 4 many years. God has shown me through your experience its in his time not ours. I know that his plans & promises will come true. For He his faithful. God Bless & I will continue to pray that the Lord direct ur path.
Tony LeBron, I'm sooo proud of you! Keep doing your thing!
This is just the beginning
Tony it is so awesome to see you use the talent He has given you to glorify Him. I am so proud of you and can't wait to see where the Lord takes you from here.
Great Job Tony! I always new you would let your talent take you where the Lord would lead. From our humble beginnings at Southeastern. Blessings.
Great job T! You know the Kiefer family supports you 100%! Congrats on Gospel Dream... And whatever lies ahead. You're in our prayers. We're grateful for your friendship and so very proud of you! You go boy!
Good job!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Felicidades!!! Expectacular, te lo merecias.
Congrats Tony! Your performance was amazing and I am excited to see God use you on your new adventure!

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